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New Chief taking role step by step

New Chief taking role step by step In less than six months being the new Chief of Dakota Tipi First Nation, Dave L. Pashe is working to keep up with his campaign promises. The love he has for the community shows as he takes steps to unite the people.

“It’s going to take time and patience and we all need to work together”, says Chief Pashe.

Being a former educator, one of his challenging visions is to create a solid education system for Dakota. The school has been closed for a while, and the youth are attending the schools in Portage. The new Chief would like to see the Dakota youth receiving good and quality education. The local school has a plan to host a possible College tenant which has been in the works and may formalized this year.

Another goal is to create jobs and stability with the current programs being offered. Safeguarding the resources and accountability will be a priority to assure members that we are responsible for all dollars that are coming in and being made at our band businesses. Right now, the businesses bringing revenues are the VLT Centre and Smoke Shop. However due to the million dollar financial debt and aging infrastructure, expenses are just as high if not higher then what is coming in. Today the new Chief is taking steps and finding solutions, but he needs everyone working together to keep the community in its feet again.


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