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Dakota Tipi First Nation is situated approximately 2.5 miles southwest of the city of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, roughly 80 km west of Winnipeg, on the Yellow Quill Trail and can be reached by a paved class “C” highway. The reserve consists of Parish Lot 25 and Parish Lot 24. In 1985, the Reserve also secured Parish Lots 16, 17, and 18 for a total of 371.8 acres or 150.48 hectares. Its population is 368, in which 183 on reserve, 205 off reserve. Our community is presently 20 homes shy of the housing accommodations. Infrastructure is also a concern in which this plan will accommodate.

In 1972, the Sioux Village settlement near Portage La Prairie divided into two therefore creating two First Nations presently knows as Dakota Tipi First Nation near Portage La Prairie and Dakota Plains First Nation which borders the Long Plain First Nation reserve 20 km west of Portage La Prairie. The people are Dakota. The native language is Sioux however most of the people speak English as the language of preference.

The delivery of Community Memorandums is the main communication on a daily basis. There are no capabilities for community broadcasting. Dakota Tipi First nation receives public television as well as most southern Manitoba radio stations. A telephone exchange is available through MTS. The nearest Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment is located in Portage La Prairie. Any mischief or disturbances are reported to the RCMP in Portage La Prairie. Dakota Tipi First Nation has an agreement with the Rural Municipality community. It is supplemented by fire hydrants throughout the community. The City of Portage la Prairie provides primary suppression service. The Dakota Tipi First Nation is pursuing its land entitlement rights. Daily mail service is provided on the Dakota Tipi First Nation. The community members receive parcels and registered mail services on the community.

There is 5 km of internal road. Access to Dakota Tipi First Nation is through paved all weather road, which connect to Highway No.1 on the North and a gravel all-weather road connecting to Highway No. 305 to west. Dakota Tipi First Nation is easily accessible to nearby First Nation communities as well as the Trans Canada Highway. The newly opened Dakota Tipi School is First Nation-operated and offers grades K – 12.

On reserve facilities include a Health Centre, the Band Office, a School and Daycare Centre and a Gas Bar. Many band members of the Long Plain First Nation utilize the facilities such as the gym, bingos, and will also benefit through invitations to evening programs and workshops. Many status citizens living near Dakota Tipi also seek employment within the business community. One registered nurse visits 3 days per week. The nearest hospital is located in Portage la Prairie.

With this bare minimum amount of basic infrastructure and facilities, we see the great scope for the Community Planning and Development here.


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